Friday, February 24, 2012

A Kailbak card with the correct keywords

If you want to have the Apokolips thugs deal some theme team damage, perhaps you can fool your opponents with this handy Kailbak card, which includes the Apokolips keyword. This would never work at my venue but don't let that stop you from trying at yours.

I still have no leads on where to direct my keyword pleas for Kalibak. If you are reading this and can direct me to any WizKids employee, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance for any possible help you can provide.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

CuriousLurker's Excellent HeroClix Apokolips Map

CuriousLurker's Excellent HeroClix Apokolips Map

Apokolips NOW! Store is open for business

Yes, you agree that HeroClix Kailbak deserved the Apokolips keyword, but how do you let others know? How can you help the struggle to make him part of the Apokolips theme team?
Here is the solution! Show your support and get a overpriced T-shirt too! Click on the link below.

All proceeds go to adding the Apokolips keyword to HeroClix Kalibak, Collateral Damage #095.

Kalibak needs the Apokolips keyword

Poor Kalibak the Cruel, Collateral Damage #095 is missing his most important keyword - Apokolips. What's that you say? This means nothing to you? Well then you might not be a Heroclix player, and you are most certainly not one interested in playing Theme Teams in the HeroClix game. Just to let you know where I am coming from, I think Theme Teams rules are the coolest addition to the HeroClix game since it was invented.

Keywords let you assemble a collection of comic book characters around a common theme so while playing the game you gain certain bonuses. This is done to offset the lamentable fact that Theme Teams are  perhaps the weakest forces you can construct for the game. It is a shame that more of Jack Kirby's wonderful Fourth World villains are not in the game already, but to have one of the few that is created not play thematically with the rest is really a missed opportunity we would like to see righted.

Who can we appeal to to get the Apokolips keyword added to Kalibak? Is there even such a person? Someone must be in charge of such things and I would like to contact them. I am prepared to write emails, send snail mail letters, and start a petition, bribe them with baked goods, or whatever, to right this wrong.

I plan to get a letter from Seth Johnson that said "Hey, when I made Collateral Damage Kalibak, if there had been keywords back then, Kalibak certainly would have gotten the Apokolips keyword. He's the freaking son of Darkseid."

It's just a stupid oversight really. I haven't meet anyone who doesn't think he deserves the keyword. I really like to play theme teams and since the Apokolips theme team is already pretty slim for team selection, every little bit helps.

Kalibak the Cruel thanks you for your time.

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