Thursday, January 1, 2015

Parademons! Part 2: Seeing Red

Early in the 1980s, DC and Kenner paid Jack Kirby to redesign some of his classic Fourth World villains for the acclaimed comic/toy line, Super Powers. Kailbak's good friends, the parademons, were arguably the most revised characters to appear, changing from a green/yellow color scheme to a shocking orange/red appearance, and instead of human form, they become much more demonic. This new look resonated with fans and even today the nostalgia for these awesome toys is so strong, the red parademon still appears in artwork and in toy form; but never in Heroclix. Kalibak still scratching his head and asking "Why?"

Red parademons from Capstone’s wonderful DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia 
and the red parademon from Wave 8 of the DC Universe Classics line.

Will we ever see this classic variant of the parademon in Heroclix? As the fourth unique Heroclix parademon sculpt is set to appears in stores soon, it seems eventually someone at WizKids will realize its time to mix it up and give this red parademon his due.

In the meantime, the look of the new 52 parademons is a pleasing mix of the classic comic warriors and Super Power demons. This new 52 style parademon is the model for the upcoming Heroclix figure and a creative fan could apply a little paint and have a easy mod of the red parademon if so inclined. Me tell you that Kailbak is going to be having a few Hunger Dogs painting day and night until he has his own personal red army of doom!