Saturday, December 6, 2014

Apokolips Heroclix Wish List - Part 3

Glorious Godfrey

Unlike most of this wish list me, Kalibak, think finest moment of Godfrey's career actually not from original run of Kirby's book, but from the 1986 "Legends" comic. Godfrey uses his powers of persuasion to not only turn Earthlings against their heroes, but convinces them to climb into robotic war dogs from Apokolips and fight the heroes themselves. Epic. Kalibak loves war dogs.

On the game side of this, although some clixs of Darkseid have a couple slots of Mind Control, this agent of Apoklips would be the master of MC. Throw in a few clicks of outwit and you have a great support piece for your Apokolips army.

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